• Official Majestic Defender shields your PC from a great many sites that could introduce spyware and malware on your PC and trade off your PC’s security in numerous ways.
  • Your PC is much more in danger when voyaging and utilizing open Wi-Fi systems and this free device, conveyed to you by Frequent Business Traveler, will help protect your PC.
  • Blocks banners, pop-ups, tracking, malware and more
  • By default, non intrusive ads aren’t blocked in order to support websites
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Majestic will piece sites in many classifications including erotic entertainment, malware, spyware, phishing, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Official Majestic Defender is refreshed continuously. New sites are found and obstructed each day to ensure your gadget.

Web Defender isn’t a substitute for against infection programming and we prescribe that you keep on using other security devices incorporating hostile to infection programming working together with Web Defender to limit hazard.


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